Gamifying the Workplace (Caitlin Petre)


Early History of Playing Cards & Timeline (Simon Wintle)


Adventure Playgrounds - A Brief History (Tony Chilton)


Adventure Playgrounds and Postwar Reconstruction (Roy Kozlovsky)


Play Cure (Susanna Crossman)


In Playland (Giorgio Agamben)


Homo Faber or Homo Ludens? (Bernard Marszalek)


Play and the Urban Realm (Quentin Stevens)


The Abolition of Work (Bob Black)


Towards a Marxist Definition of Play (Inside Left)


Socialism at Play (Interview with Paolo Pedercini)


The Secret History of Leftist Board Games (Brian van Slyke)


Oasis of Happiness: Thoughts towards an Ontology of Play (Eugen Fink)


Play and Philosophy (Eugen Fink)


Resist Pokemon Go (Simon Kriss)


Pokemon Go Players aren't Ignoring Reality. We are Changing it (Laurence Dodds)


Live in the Moment: the Situationist & Pokemon Go (Jeff Sparrow)


Bullshit Jobs and the Rules of the Game

(Interview with D.Graeber)


Three Steps from the Body (T.W.Adorno)


The Board Game of the Alpha Nerds (David Hill)


Playtimes (Sven Lütticken)


The Set's Game-Play of Sets (Kostas Axelos) [This and the next are translations of the same piece]


Play as the System of Systems (Kostas Axelos) [This and the previous are translations of the same piece]


Making Sense of: Play [Conference Papers]


A Non-Subjectivist Concept of Play: Gadamer and Heidegger versus Nietzsche and Rilke (Richard Detsch)


Player, Reader and Social Actor (Anne Metter Thorhauge)


Trader's Shop (T.W.Adordo)


Contribution to a Situationist Definition of Play (SI)


The 'Busy' Trap (Tim Kreider)