GAMES (104)

The games are Ludozofically classified under six categories, each being briefly described below. Numbers in parentheses give the total number of games per each category. Have fun!


Parlour Games (33)

These are the games that you can play by a number of people, without any extra materials or tools. What is more, most of the times they do not even require a special place to play. So you can also play most of these games wherever you want. 

Paper & Pencil Games (22)

As is evident from its name, these games require some paper and pencils to do some writing, drawing and/or marking. 



Outdoor Games (11)

This category covers all sorts of games that are played typically outdoors.




Tabletop Games (11)

The games that you can play on a flat surface; such as on the table, on the floor, etc.




Physical Games (11)

These games call for relatively more physical activity and endurance, sometimes even a higher threshold for pain. For players who like to move it rather than sit around, and those who think game requires action.



Situationist Games (16)

Inspired by the Situationist International movement, this category covers not only the games that create unexpected and extraordinary situations in daily life, but all those that have to do with original playful situations with a broader sense of the word.