• A verbal game for two or more players.
  • One player calls out a compound consisting of two words.
  • As described in David Parlett's version of the game, it doesn’t matter if the words are written separately, together or in hyphenaiton, so long as they go together with a distinctive meaning.
  • Then each player comes up with another compound whose first word is the second of the previous one. In a single round a compund can be said only once.
  • In a non-competitive version, any player who can think of a suitable compund says it out. The aim is then to continue collectively as long as possible.
  • If to be played competetively, game proceeds round the players in turn. Any player who cannot think of a compund simply says ‘pass’. If any other player in turn can find a suitable compound, the player(s) who passes before him/her are out of the game. If all palyers pass, then the player who had called the last blocking compound has to find a follow-on – otherwise the blocker is out.
  • A new round begins with a new compound, with the players remaining.
  • The last player standing is the winner. 


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(For a similar paper-pencil game, see Head to Tail)