Head to Tail

  • A paper-pencil game for two or more players. This is a more difficult (hence written) version of the verbal game trailers.
  • Each player takes a pen and piece of paper.
  • To start with, players decide on a compound consisting of two words. They write the starting compound down.
  • The aim is to write the longest circular chain of compounds within a given time (e.g. 2 mins), such that the first word of each is the last word of preceding one. Thus, the second word of the last compound must be the first word of the first one.
  • It doesn’t matter if the words of compounds are written separately, together or in hyphenaiton, so long as they go together with a distinctive meaning. Whoever has the biggest circle of compounds at the end of time is the winner of the round.
  • Then another compound is chosen and a new round begins.


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