Word Hunt

  • A paper-pencil game for two or more players. The object is to make the longest list of words from the letters in a key word.
  • Each player is equipped with pencil and paper. A key word of at least 8 letters, with not many repeating letters is chosen. Depending on the length of the word and degree of competitiveness, players decide on a time limit (e.g. 5-15 mins).
  • Within the time limit, each player must write as long a list as possible of words which can be made from the letters of the key word.  It is usual to agree that the words should be minimum 4-letter long. When the time is up, players reveal their lists and each list is scored. Alternative scorings are possible: 1 point can be awarded per each word, per letter of each word, or per each word that no other player found.
  • In a variant (a.k.a. acrosticals), each player writes the key word vertically down the left-hand side of her paper. The key word is preferably without too many duplications of the same letter. The object is to compile, e.g. for a key word of 10-letter long, a list of 10 words starting with respective letters of the key word. There are several ways of finishing. The word hunt is finished when a player completes 10 words and says stop, when all players agree that they can’t get any further, or when a fixed amount of time is up. The players announce their words, scoring 1 point per letter for each acceptable word.




please 6
rifles 6
spiral 6
isle 4
flares 6
lagers 6
agrees 6
grapes 6
erase 5