Whose Voice?

  • You think you have great hearing skills? You would recognise a friend's voice even from their breath? Here comes the challenge for your ears.
  • Whose voice is a voice recognition game for 4-5 players or more.
  • A player is chosen to be It and is blindfolded. Other players stand in a line a few meters apart from the It. Every player in the line makes a meaningless sound. It can be anything as long as it is made with the mouth. Be creative!
  • After each sound, the It makes a guess whose voice it was. Once everyone made their weird sounds, the It opens his/her eyes and is told how many correct guesses he/she made.
  • A new It is chosen as the new It and the game continues.
  • All players become It in turns. Whoever makes the highest number of correct guesses is declared the sharpest ears.