What is My Thought Like?

  • What is my thought like (a.k.a. analogies) is a spoken game for two or more players. The game is based on explaining how one's guess at a word is connected with the actual word.
  • The first player secretly writes down a word for a thing or the name of a person.
  • He or she then asks the other players: 'What is my thought like?' and notes down their answers.
  • The first player then reveals the secret 'thought' and the other players in turn have to explain how their guess resembles the 'thought'.
  • Example (Four players: Kate, Chas, Tony, Anna)

Kate: 'What is my thought like?'


Anna: Light.

Chas: Fruit cake

Tony: Kitten.


Kate: My thought was 'Tony'.

Kate: Why is Tony like a light?

Anna: Because he often goes out.


Kate: Why is Tony like a fruit cake?

Chas: Because he's nutty.


Kate: Why is Tony like a kitten?

Tony: Because he's so lovable!



Source: The Oxford A to Z of Word Games