Walking Trippy

  • It can be played in any room which is carpeted. For two players at a time. 
  • Each stands at either end of the room and then they start walking towards one another. They must walk so that they won't bump into each other but they will pass as close as possible. 
  • It is at this passing point that both players must try and trip their opponent up. 
  • No hands or elbows or knees are allowed to hit your opponent it is purely ankle dexterity that must do the dirty work and most importantly all without breaking step...this is a cultured tripping game. 
  • The first few times that you play it may seem impossible until the first time you position the outside of your foot over your opponent's toes, or catch their ankle and they go flying headlong to the floor. 
  • If no one falls then continue walking past till you get to the end of the room, turn around and walk past again.