Tongue Twister Act

  • “A sentence or phrase that is intended to be difficult to say, especially when repeated quickly and often” it is. But what is the use of tongue twisters? Apart from being used as a tool for improving pronunciation (by actors, politicians, etc.), they can be a great resource for games. Here comes one!
  • Tongue twister act is a performative game of great entertainment potential, for three or more players.
  • One player is chosen as performer and picks a tongue twister to act out. The performer can invite one or more players as supporting actors, if the mise-en-scène requires so. 
  • The actor(s) then act the tongue twister out on the stage. Unlike charades, the actor(s) may use sounds, props and even little dialogues.
  • The player who correctly guesses and says the tongue twister becomes the new actor. The game continues with a new tongue twister.
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