• A group game for minimum 4 players.
  • Players sit around a table in a circle. Each player puts both hands out onto the table. Hands must interlock such that between two hands of each player is at least another hand from at least one other player.
  • The game is a sequence of taps on the table. Each hand must tap in the order it is on the table when it is that hands turn. While 1 tap means continue the sequence, 2 taps means reverse the sequence.
  • Every time a player mistaps, that is when one misses a tap when it is their turn, or taps when they shouldn’t have, the mistapping hand is withdrawn from the game. Once a player has both hands withdrawn from the game they are out.
  • The game continues until there is only 2 hands left on the table.
  • In an advanced version of the game, 3 or even 4 taps is possible. 3 taps is miss next hand and continue sequence, and 4 taps is reverse, miss next hand then continue sequence.
  • For a drinking variant of the game check here.