Stepping Stones

  • Stepping stones is a game for any number of players.
  • Usually played by paper-pencil but may also be played verbally.
  • The object is to move from one word to another by way of associations.
  • Two random words are found. For example by picking a book, telling a random page and line number, and picking a word therefrom.
  • Now each player will try to build a bridge of words between the two words, where each step is connected with a legitimate association.
  • Number of steps to be used may be decided in advance.
  • When everyone is ready, players read out their answers. All the other players can decide if the connections between one word and the next are acceptable.
  • If played competitively, the game is won by the player who builds the best bridge (decided by other players) or, alternatively, who completes the connection in the smallest number of steps.

Words are: "cars" and "bulbs" 


- Cars need KEYS to start.
- This sounds like QUAYS, where boats are tied.
- Boats are used to catch FISH.

- Fish are sometimes kept in BOWLS.

- Bowls is a game played on GRASS.
- Grass is found in many GARDENS.
- In gardens people plant BULBS.


Source: The Oxford A to Z of Word Games