Statue Unveiling

  • This is a strange childhood invention but adults can equally, if not more, enjoy the game. All you need is two or more players, a cloth to cover the ‘statue’, and paper and pencil for ‘guests’.
  • A player is chosen It and others leave the room.
  • The It poses like a statue and completely covers himself/herself with the cloth. Some objects and accessories may be added to the composition - all underneath the cloth. This makes the game even more challenging and fun.
  • When the statue is ready to be unveiled, the It calls the ‘guests’ back into the room for the ceremony.
  • The guests now carefully examine the covered statue (please do not touch :) and try to guess the form underneath. Each draw their guesses on a piece of paper.
  • When every one is finished with drawing their conclusions, the statue is unveiled.
  • Guests are offered points depending on how accurate their guesses are.
  • After a while the group gets to prepare for another opening ceremony.