Squeaky Sheets

  • Squeaky Sheets is a guess-the-identity game for six or more players.
  • The players are divided into two teams.
  • One team leaves the room and covers one of their players with a sheet/blanket and other accessories to make the other team's job to figure out who is underneath as difficult as possible.
  • The player covered to be almost unrecognizable re-enters the room walking, crawling on all fours or creeping. He/she crawls into the centre of the room and then the opposing team makes a guess regarding the identity of the player.
  • If they are wrong then the sheet-squeaker makes a squeak and another guess is made. If the guess is correct, the team who made the correct guess gets one point. The teams change places.
  • If both guesses are incorrect the sheet-squeaker awards his/her team a point and crawls back out of the room to be replaced by another member of the team.
  • The game continues in this manner until one of teams reach a certain point (e.g. three) and win the game.

Source: StrangeGames