Spin the Bottle

  • Spin the bottle is a party game in which several players sit in a circle.
  • The game starts by one player spinning a bottle. Whomever the bottle points to, the spinner must kiss. The kissee becomes the next spinner. Typically the spinner gets to spin again if the bottle points to a player of the same gender.
  • The game can also be played in combination with Truth or Dare.
  • In this variation, the spinner gets to ask the person whom the bottle points to an intimate, personal question, which must be answered truthfully. If the answerer does not wish to answer the question, then they must agree to perform a dare, which might include kissing a person of the spinner's choice. 
  • Yet another variant makes the spinner announce a given dare before the spin, which the person the bottle ends up pointing to performing the dare afterwards. This might of course be the person spinning, which tends to keep the dares somewhat more modest.