Sole Mates

  • Guess the act of dressing for which the dream interpretation is that all your wishes will become true, and which, when you do with a teammate is an extraordinarily fun game. Nope... or maybe you got it right but we are thinking of a totally different one: changing trousers.
  • Sole mates is played in teams of two, with any even number of players. You need a trouser per team where each teammate can fit in. Actually, any garment worn through legs would work.
  • One player from every team puts on the additional pair of trousers. Then teammates sit down on the floor with their legs outstretched, facing one another and the soles of their feet touching. This is a key part of the game because during no stage can players lose contact with their feet.
  • The aim of the game is for player one to take off their trousers, rolling them down their legs and for player two to wear them inside out – but with their feet touching at all times.
  • Depending on the desired level of difficulty, the trousers can be anything from roomy workout trousers to skinny jeans.
  • For a competetive game, the team to first complete the change is the winner.


Source: StrangeGames