Sing a Song

  • A lyrical game for two or more players.
  • The aim is to find songs which contain a chosen word. The game can be played individually or, when there are at least four players, in two teams.
  • A word is chosen and the players/teams take turns to find a song and sing a line that has the word in it. Players may be given 10 seconds to find a song.
  • In a variant, the player/team who finds and sings a song chooses a new word and the next player/team now tries to find a song with the new word. The game continues in this manner as long as a song for the word can be found.
  • The player/team who cannot come up with a song with the called word is penalized. When played individually, the player who fails to find a song is out, others keep playing, and the last one standing is the winner. In team competition version, when a team cannot think of a song, the other team gets one point.