Shouting Proverbs

  • A verbal game for at least 4-5 players.
  • The object is to guess a proverb when other players shout separate words simultaneously.
  • A player is chosen the It and goes out of the room.
  • Players in the room choose a proverb. Each player takes one word of the proverb.  If there are more players than the words of the proverb, two people take the same word.
  • The It then returns to the room and faces the players.
  • The players shout out their words all at the same time. The It has to identify the proverb. If the It fails, the challengers may shout out the proverb once again.
  • The round ends when the It identifies the proverb or gives up.  The game goes on with a new It and a new proverb.
  • Other catch phrases instead of proverbs can be used: for example, lines from song lyrics, slogans from ads, titles of books or films.
  • If played with a big group of people, say 10 or more, the game can also be played in teams, where each team becomes the It in turns.