Rubber Band Escapology

  • Sometimes you may think you are caught up in an inescapable trap. But wait, your savior might be right under your nose – quite literally. Here comes an elastic proof to it: Rubber Band Escapology!
  • What you need: any number of players and a rubber band per player.
  • Stretch the band over your head under your ears and nose. Now, without using your hands at all – or your feet for that matter, get the band to move down your face so that it ends up around your neck. To accomplish this you are going to have to use your face and mouth to maximum effect with lots of chin wriggling. (See video below)
  • If you really have to, you may rub your face to an object to get some help.
  • The first player to move the band down to the neck is the winner.
  • Alternatively, you may simply try putting as many rubber bands as possible around your head. Use your creativity to get the weirdist faces and increase the fun! 

Source: Strange-Games