• A wanderful game or a playful wandering for one to many players.
  • Wanna play? Go out in the street. Choose left or right as the allowed direction of turns, and keep walking as taking turns only in the decided direction - whenever you feel like.
  • If you picked 'left' as your direction of turn, so to say, at every possible junction you can either keep going straight or turn to left, but not right! No U-turns either - but a single U-turn may be allowed for emergency situations.
  • Obviously, the game is open to endless variations. In one variant, a number of maneouver cards such as turn right, turn left left, go straight, etc. can be prepared and random selections of cards can be followed.
  • The idea is to take as many new roads as possible and reaching interesting destinations, without breaking the rules.
  • You will definetely feel it when you are 'there'. Otherwise, just keep going.