• Monosyllable is a spoken game for two or more players.
  • Gameplay is straightforward. The players form a circle and each in turn asks the next player a question.
  • The question and the answer must only use words of one syllable, and the answer cannot be yes or no.
  • Any player is out who uses a word containing more than one syllable, and the winner is the last remaining player.
  • In order to speed up the game, a limited time may be given before any question and answer. You may start with 15 seconds and shorten it gradually as the group gains experience.


Example (Three players: A, B, C)


A: How do you like rain?

B: It is not nice.


B: Are you old?

C: Not at all.


C: Why are you so tall?

A: I was born that way.


A: How much cash do you earn? 

B: Mind your own business. Oh dear! (He is out.)


Source: The Oxford A to Z of Word Games (T.Augarde)