Memory Game

  • Damaged is memory of mankind by oblivion, the saying goes. But a damaged memory may be quite healthy for the human soul. Nietzsche would say, “it is impossible to live without forgetting” and even, happiness is “being able to forget”. What about having fun when you forget things as you try remembering? Is it even possible? Here comes the memory game.
  • This is a simple and fun verbal game for at least two, preferably 5-10 players.
  • The game starts with a first player saying a word. The next player repeats the word and adds a new one. The task of every player is to repeat all the words said hitherto in correct order, and add a new one.
  • Any player who fails to do so is out of the game and the game proceeds with the next player.
  • The last person who can remember and count all the words in perfect order is the winner. 
  • Normally the words are common nouns. But it can also be played with adjectives, numbers, proper nouns, events, etc.