Lay the Words

  • A game for at least two players. 
  • Players are provided with a paper and a pencil.
  • Each player draws on their own paper, a table of evenly spaced 5x5 boxes, like a small empty crossword table (you can find a readymade one below). 
  • Players take turns saying a letter. Each player place the letter on their game sheet in a box of their choice.
  • In a variant of the game, players can also say ‘blank’ instead of saying a letter. In that case, all players place a blank in a box of their choice. But it's advisable that the number of blanks are kept limited (max 2). 
  • The aim is to lay the letters with craft such that the player can form as many and long words as possible on the sheet. 
  • After all boxes are filled, players score a point for each letter of a meaningful word they formed vertically or horizontally.
Lay the word (5x5).doc
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