King of Chairs

  • A physical fun game for at least 4-5 people, played with equal number of chairs as players and a deck of playing cards.
  • One is chosen as moderator and gets the deck. The chairs are arranged to form a circle. Each player sits on a chair and is dealt a playing card by the moderator. So each player is a Heart, Club, Diamond or Spade.
  • The moderator stands in the middle of the circle and picks a card from the deck. Any player who is that suit must stand up and move to the chair on their left and sit down. Obviously, the chair on the left may already be occupied. In this case, they must sit upon the knee of the topmost occupant. However, any player who already has someone sitting on their knee may not move even if their suit is chosen.
  • The game continues with the moderator turning over a card each time. The first player to travel all the way around the circle and return to their starting chair wins.
  • Optional rule for more fun: whenever a Queen is turned over then all players sharing a single chair must re-arrange themselves in reverse order before play continues, so the top player sits on the chair and the others sit on their knee. 


Source: Strange Games

Image: DALL-E