Just A Minute

  • This is a spoken game for at least three players.
  • The gist of the game is to continue speaking for one minute on a chosen subject.
  • Just a Minute was broadcast for over fifty years (1967-2019) on BBC Radio 4 as a popular game played by four people and an umpire. 
  • One player is chosen as the umpire, and sets the other players subjects which they have to speak about for one minute- without hesitation, repetition, or deviation from the subject.
  • A speaker who breaks any of these rules can be challenged by another player and, if the umpire upholds the challenge, that player continues on the same subject for the rest of the minute.
  • The winner of each round is the player who is speaking as the minute expires.
  • Alternatively, points can be scored for successful challenges and for being the speaker who completes a minute's talk.