• Fictionary, (a.k.a. The Dictionary Game) is a word game in which players guess the definition of an obscure word.
  • The game requires a large and preferably unabridged dictionary, a pencil, pen or other writing implement for each player, and notecards or identical pieces of paper for each player.
  • Each round consists of one player selecting and announcing a word from the dictionary, and other players composing a fake definition for it.
  • The definitions are collected by the selector and read  aloud, including the actual dictionary definition, and players vote on which definition they believe to be correct.
  • 3 points are awarded for correct guesses, and 1 point for having a fake definition guessed by another player.
  • Play then proceeds with the dictionary going to another player, which starts a new turn. A full circuit of the dictionary constitutes a round.
  • In some variations, the picker is awarded 3 points if no one selects the correct definition.
  • One variation allows a player to vote for their own definition, although they do not get points for doing so. (This can encourage other people to vote for that definition as well, and the player would get those points.) Another variation does not allow a player to vote for his own definition.


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