• Fictionary (a.k.a. Dictionary Game) is a paper-pencil game where words could mean literally anything.
  • It requires at least 4-5 players, a large dictionary with obscure words, a pen and piece of paper for each player. A dictionary from a foreign language or a dictionary of technical terms is ideal for the game.
  • In each round one player selects and announces an obscure word from the dictionary and other players compose fake definitions for it. The definitions are collected by the selector and read aloud, including the actual dictionary definition. Players vote on their favourite definition.

  • Players are awarded 3 points for voting on the dictionary definition, and 1 point for each vote his/her fake definition gets from other players.

  • The dictionary passes to the next player and the game continues with a new unknown word.

  • A full circuit of the dictionary constitutes a round. The game ends at the end of one or more rounds when the players decide to do so, and the player with the most total points is the winner.

  • In some variations, the picker is awarded 3 points if no one selects the correct definition.

  • In one variation, players are allowed to vote for their own definition in order to attract votes from other players. The self-voter does not gain a point for his/her own vote though.


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