Dots and Boxes

  • Dots and boxes (also known as Boxes, Squares, Paddocks, Pigs in a Pen,Square-it, Dots and Dashes, Dots, Line Game, Smart Dots, Dot Boxing, or, simply, the Dot Game) is a pencil and paper game for two players.
  • The game is first published in 1889 by Édouard Lucas.
  • Starting with an empty grid of dots, players take turns, adding a single horizontal or vertical line between two unjoined adjacent dots.
  • A player who completes the fourth side of a 1×1 box earns one point and takes another turn.
  • The points are typically recorded by placing in the box an identifying mark of the player, such as an initial.
  • The game ends when no more lines can be placed. The winner of the game is the player with the most points.
  • The board may be of any size. When short on time, 2×2 boxes (created by a square of 9 dots) is good for beginners, and 5×5 is good for experts.
  • The diagram above shows a game played on the 2×2 board, where player A wins against player B, 3-1.

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