• Holding a door for others is usually a kind gesture and sometimes also part of a playful plot or a cruel game if you like. The present game which adds cruelty to the courtesy is called Doorman.
  • For Doorman, you need an automatically closing door used by many people, in a place such as office, school, supermarket, etc. Doors with door closers, for instance lift doors are ideal.
  • How to play? As you open the door to pass through, you keep the door open and wait until a person walking towards the door realizes that you are holding the door for him. Once he starts thinking it will appear ungrateful if he doesn't rush to accept, and quickens his steps the game gets going.
  • The aim is to make the victim start rushing from as a long distance as possible from the door. Whoever makes his/her victim run from the greatest distance wins the game.
  • Doorman can be played with a single-player version. If you want to play yourself, it is recommended to to pick a suitable door you routinely use in daily life, and aim to improve your best score every time you play. This will hopefully give you a new unnecessary goal to achieve in your life.


Source: StrangeGames