• Contact is a word-guessing game for three or more players.
  • In contact, one person ("wordmaster") thinks of a word ("target word") and the objective of the other players (“guessers”) is to guess that target word by asking questions to the wordmaster.
  • The target word and guesses are generally restricted to improper nouns.
  • Wordmaster starts by announcing the first letter of the target word.
  • Each guesser then thinks of words beginning with that letter.
  • One guesser asks a question for a not-yet-guessed such word (“guess word”). It is advisable to formulate the questions in obscure manner so that (even if the guess word is simple) the wordmaster cannot easily figure out an answer but one of the other guessers can.
  • The wordmaster then attempts to identify the guess word. If the wordmaster thinks of an answer (A) that satisfies the question, the wordmaster will say "It's not a [A]" and a new question must be asked. If the asker wishes, she can repeat her question until the wordmaster guesses the clued word or gives up. The wordmaster can give any answer that fits the question (and the revealed letter(s)!).
  • Once a question is asked, all other players (as well as the wordmaster) attempt to identify the guess word. That is, all other guessers try to "make contact with" the asker and any player who thinks he/she knows the guess word can say "Contact!"
  • If the wordmaster cannot identify the guess word and at least one "Contact!" occurs, the contacting guesser and the asker simultaneously say their words after counting till five. The wordmaster can give a fitting word until the contacting guesser and the asker simultaneously say their words (i.e. within the period of counting).
  • The wordmaster must say the next letter of his word if the contacting guesser says the same word as the asker – hence a successful contact! 
  • Then the players think of words that begin with the letters revealed that far, and ask new questions to get one more letter.
  • Play continues in this fashion until the target word is completely revealed or said by anyone playing. The player who first guesses the target word becomes the wordmaster for the next round.


Thematic contact: Starting from the second question, all new guess words relate to at least one previously asked guess word. As the game continues, guess words usually add up to form a weird story.


Charades contact: In this version guess words are mimed as in charades, rather than being verbally asked.



(Target word: TRASH)

W: The first letter is T.

G1: Is this something you are spotting?

G2: Contact!

G1 and G2: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, train!

(Successful contact, W reveals next letter)

W: The second letter is R. So it’s TR...

G3: Is this something that can follow the train?

W: It’s not a tram.

G3: No, not that one. Again. Is this something that can follow the train?

G1: Contact!

G1 and G3: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

G1: Trailer!   G3: Truck!

(Contact not successful, continue from TR...)