• Contact is a word-guessing game for three or more players.
  • In Contact, one person (the "wordmaster" or "target word person") thinks of a word (the "target word"), and the objective of the other players is to guess that target word, one letter at a time, by giving clues hard enough to stump the wordmaster but easy enough that another player can "make contact" with the clue. 
  • Some amount of cooperation is needed among the other players, because a guess must be seconded by another player (by stating "Contact!") in order to be "challenged" by the wordmaster. 
  • Play begins when one person chooses a target word (generally restricted to improper nouns), and announces the first letter. Other players then think of words that begin with that letter, and one may propose a clue for a not-yet-guessed such word (the "guess word" or "clued word"). A clue must ask whether the target word has certain characteristics or must be a definition for the clued word. 
  • The wordmaster then attempts to identify the clued word. If the wordmaster thinks of a word that satisfies the clue, the wordmaster will say "It's not [guessed word]," and a new clue must be given. If the clue-giver wishes, he can repeat his clue until the wordmaster guesses the clued word or gives up. The wordmaster can give any word that fits the clue.
  • Once a clue is proposed by a player, all other players (as well as the wordmaster) attempt to identify the clued word. That is, all other players try to "make contact with" the initiator, and any player who thinks he/she knows the clued word can say "Contact!" If the wordmaster cannot identify the clued word and at least one "Contact!" occurs, the "contacted" guesser and the initiator simultaneously say their words after counting till five. The wordmaster can give a fitting word until the guesser and the initiator simultaneously say their words (i.e. within the period of counting). /The wordmaster must say the next letter of his word if the contacted guesser says the same word as the initiator. 
  • Then the players think of words that begin with the letters revealed that far, and give clues for that word.
  • Play continues in this fashion until the target word is completely revealed or said by anyone playing. The player who first guesses the target word becomes the wordmaster for the next round.

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