• While doing things together is not an easy task, anyone doing anything with any other person may be altogether impossible. Not in this game though!
  • Consequences is a game of creating a short story with contributions from each player. Played with three or more players, each player is given a sheet of paper and a pen. Game starts with players writing at the top of their paper a real or imaginary person. Then each player folds her paper to hide the written person and hands the paper to the player to his right. Now each player writes another real or imaginary person. The papers are folded again and passed on from one player to another, each player writing in order the following: a person, another person, verb (what did they do?), adverb (how?), place (where?), purpose, consequence (what was the consequence?), reaction (what did the world say about it?).
  • The categories may be changed or extended as desired, as long as they form a meaningful story when read from the top to the bottom.
  • The players then read aloud the resulting stories, inserting linking words to make a continuous narrative where necessary. What we have in the end are interesting short stories to make us laugh, surprised, dislike or puzzled... But in any case it is always good to remember one thing to enjoy: these are our stories.
  • In case you need one, here is a template to print and play.
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