Coin Football

  • Coin football is a tabletop game for two players. Despite its popularity at classrooms, for some reason this entertaining game is forgotten after the school years. Such a shame!
  • You need three coins and a table with a smooth surface.
  • Players are opposing teams and they will attack in turns to the opponent’s goal.
  • Preparation: Players sit across the table. The defender creates his goal by placing three fingers (two pinkies and one index) against the side of the table. Pinkies are the posts, so they cannot move. The index is the goalkeeper and it can move to stop a shot.
  • The attacker places the three coins (all in touch) on the table in an inverted triangle shape.

  • The game kicks off as the attacker pushes the bottom coin and the two top ones slide outwards onto the table.
  • She flicks the rear most coin with her finger through other two coins without disturbing any of them. Repeating the flicks with the rear most coin each time, she moves towards the opponent’s goal. When she is ready to make a shot, she shots (flicks) the rear most coin to the goal. The defender moves his keeper (index finger) to stop the shot.
  • The turn is over when the coin is shot, if it hits one of the other, if it cannot pass through the gap, or falls of the table.
  • At this point the roles are reversed. The game continues up to a predetermined score, say 5 or 10.
  • The moral of the story is, a three penny game can be at least as much entertaining as its million dollar version.



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