Coin Basketball

  • This is the basketball-based coin game which used to be played on classroom desktops. In case you don't have a classroom desktop ready to hand, you can play it on a table, coffee-table or simply on the floor. Once you have two players and a coin, then you are ready to go.
  • The two players sit on opposite sides of the table. The coin is tossed to decide who is going to attack first. An attack comprises of four steps: spinning, catching, making the basket, and shooting.
  • The attacker holds the coin vertically against the table with one finger to get ready to spin. Then flicks it with another finger, causing the coin to spin in its vertical position on the tabletop. Then the attacker tries to catch the spinning coin by capturing it between the two thumbs. When the ball is successfully captured, the attacker is ready to shoot. At this point the opponent creates a basket by making a hole in his/her cupped hands, and pressing up his/her chest against the basket.
  • Now it’s time to shoot. The attacker, with hands on the desktop where he/she captured the coin, throws the coin to the basket. If the coin goes through the basket, the attacker scores two points. If your table is large enough, you can draw a three points line and a successful shot behind this line scores three points instead.
  • The attack comes to an end after the shot is made. Apart from the shot, the attack is over when the coin stops spinning, falls from the table, or cannot be captured by attacker during the spin. When an attack is over, now it’s the other player’s turn to attack.
  • It continues in this manner as players attack in turns. The game ends after a predetermined time (e.g. 10 mins) is over, or when a certain score is reached. Whoever has scored more points at the end is the winner.
  • Here is a heated example of the game: