Catching Letters

  • A language distortion game for any number of people – including one!
  • The idea is to pick a letter and speak, sing or read by distorting the words with the letter. 
  • The manner of ‘distortion’ depends on whether you choose a vowel or consonant.
  • If a vowel is chosen, all vowel sounds of the words you use should be replaced with the sound of that letter.
  • If the chosen letter is a consonant, you simply begin all words with that consonant.
  • It is good advice to play long enough to get the dizzy taste of the linguistic weirdo. Interestingly enough, the language still works, kind of...


A – Thas as a naw langaaga whara all vawals bat ana hava dasappaard.
B – Band bere bis banother beird banguage. Bou bnow bhat bi bean?