• Buzz (a.k.a. FizzBuzz) is a verbal group game based on substituting certain numbers in counting with words.
  • Players sit in a circle and a chosen to go first calls out “one”. The next player calls “two”, the next “three”, and so on... However, when any player reaches one of the certain numbers, that player has to say, instead of that number, “buzz”.
  • Before the game players decide together the rule(s) that determines the numbers to be replaced. The rule(s) can be chosen according to desired level of difficulty.
  • In its simplest variant, a number (e.g. 7) and all its multiples (7, 14, 21...) are replaced with “buzz”. Any digits including the number can also be “buzzed” (“buzz-three” instead of 73).
  • Any player who hesitates for too long, or says a disallowed number, is out of the game. The game continues until the last player standing. In its drinking version, players are not dismissed from the game but with each fault of a player the player (or even better, all players) must drink a predesignated amount.
  • According to a relatively more difficult and more fun version, any number containing the chosen number (7, 17, 27, ... 74, ... 170...); any double-digit number (11, 22, 33...); as well as the multiples of the chosen number (7, 14, 21...) are to be replaced with “buzz”.
  • The rule may further include a second number (for example 9) whose multiples, etc. are to be replaced with “fizz”. Endless variations are possible here.