• People with a relatively higher age and good memory will immediately recognize the honeycombs, from the quiz show broadcasted worldwide with the same title.
  • Blockbusters is a knowledge contest, played with 2 groups, at least 3 people. The game is played with a series of hexagons (combs, as we call them) drawn or printed on a sheet of paper, following each other vertically and horizontally, each filled with a letter.
  • Ideally, the teams have equal number of players. There is someone asking the questions, the questioner. At the beginning of the game, the aimed direction of progress for the teams is decided. While one team aims to complete a bridge of adjacent combs vertically, the other team will aim the same horizontally.
  • The letter in each comb is the first letter of an answer. The questioner, starting from a random comb, asks questions for each comb. For every right answer, teams add the comb (letter) in question as a stone to their bridge. Let’s say, the comb has the letter “N”, then the question should go like “Which N is…?” One of the teams has to push the button in the middle (the questioner’s hand, foot, lighter, eraser, etc.) to give an answer. Whichever team pushes the button first gets the right to answer. The questioner starts counting down from 5. If the team does not give the right answer within these 5 seconds, the other team can answer. If the question couldn’t be completed when the first team pushed the button, the questioner finishes it before the second team answers. If none of the teams can come up with the right answer, another question is asked for the same comb (letter). If one of the teams gives the right answer, the comb that harboured the question is marked with a colour or motif that belongs to that team, which then choses the second letter they want to play with.
  • Average time for a game will depend on the size of your honeycomb. Approximate time for a game per number of comb cells:

5x5-->20-25 min    6x6-->30-35 min    7x7-->40-45 min

  • Instead of following a linear bridge from right to left, or from up to bottom, it is nicely annoying for the other team if you prolong your way and draw zigzags or even flowers. The last but not the least, for those of you who miserably fail in drawing combs, you can download the ready-made honeycomb from the link below.
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