Opposite Directions by Carlos Becerra


  • A verbal game for two or more players.
  • The object is basically to keep extending a chain of adjectives, in a knit-one-purl-one manner. 
  • The first player says an adjective. The second player then has to say an antonym: a word that means the opposite. The next player says a synonym: a word that means the same as the preceding word. The next player says an antonym of this. And so the play proceeds: antonyms alternating with synonyms.
  • Anyone who cannot think of an appropriate word fairly quickly or who repeats a word is out. The players remaining start a new round.
  • The last player to stand is the winner.
  • Example (with three players)

A: Sweet

B: Sour

C: Grumpy

A: Cheerful

B: Happy

C: Sad

A: Upset

B: Delighted

C: Content

A: Discontent

B: Blue

C: Joyful

A: ??? (A is out)