Alphabetical Trip

  • This is a road game for 2 or more players travelling together.
  • A game to make road-trips more fun, to console kids who are uneasy with being on the road, and to jade your neck and eyes.
  • The game is basically trying to spot each letter in alphabetical order on different surfaces outside the vehilce as you are travelling. The letters can be from a plate, a road sign, a windowshop, etc. The game can be played based on spotting a letter only from a first letter of a word seen, or for an easier version, out of any letter of in the word. 
  • So the game starts with all players seeking letter A on their way. The player to spot an A shouts “A” and points where she has seen it. This player now will try doing the sam efor letter B, while all other players still need to catch a letter A. Each player strives to complete the alphabet by finding out every letter, by finally spotting and announcing the Z she sees. A word including a wanted letter cannot be used for another letter or by other players.


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