• Playing a game as you keep a conversation going with friends, sounds good? Quasi-conversation or pseudo-game, if you like. Real players will definitely like it. 
  • Sentence by sentence, players make up a conversation.
  • The main rule is, initials of the sentences should follow the alphabetic order. Unfortunately, a sentence that is not relevant to the conversation is not accepted. Vocabulary of the player, therefore, is key to winning. Whoever fails to come up with a sentence in accordance with the rules is out of the game. Your aim is to be the last player standing. Zero faults, in other words, means victory.
  • Another variation of the game is Alphabetext. Based on the same rules, players write sentences one by one, trying to create a piece of writing.
  • Certainly, examples make things much clearer. Due to limited space we cannot write further though. Ehm... Fly back to the top and reread for one.