Action Poker

  • I see what you do. I call it and I outcall it. Greetings to the ones who make a distinction between idleness and inertia! Ok, let’s take some action now and talk about our next game, Action-Poker.
  • It is a verbal and performative game played with at least 2 people. A good action-poker player shows herself not only with her multiple skills, but also her courage and creativity.
  • This is how you play it: a player starts the game by saying “I can do this and that at the same time”. The next player outcalls it by saying “I can do those two and this, all at the same time”. The number of actions that need to be done simultaneously increases in every step.
  • The most fun moment of the game is when one of the players does not dare to join the bet. In that case, the last player has to fulfill her/his promises. If she can succeed in doing all the tasks at the same time, the previous player gets out of the game. If she cannot, then she gets out of the game. In any case, laughing is guaranteed.
  • The new round starts from scratch and the action goes on until the players prefer inertia again.