• Acronyms is a word-fantasy game for one or more players. Although it can very well be played by speaking only, use of paper-pencil is more than welcome, to keep record of the creative outcomes.
  • Objective of the game is to devise an appropriate phrase consisting of words beginning with the letters of a chosen word or phrase. An act of deconstructive revelation to find what the chosen word could be an acronym of.
  • Firstly, players choose a word, name or phrase. Then they try to make up a phrase or sentence (e.g. a definition) by using words that start with the letters of the chosen word. In other words, you take a word as (if) an acronym and try to expand it in a manner linked with its actual meaning.
  • Needless to say, the more creativity and humor involved in the devised phrase/sentence, the more fun is the game.
  •  A few examples should explain it much better: 

BOOK: binded organisation of knowledge;
SNAIL: slimy nocturnal animal invading lettuces.

STAR WARS: space, time, and relativity, with a ridiculous script.

  • Making up phrases this way is great fun in itself. Nevertheless, for a competitive flavor, you can also play in teams or as individual players coming up with their own phrases and vote for the best phrase.